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The ultimate fashion item in your wardrobe for multitasking? It’s a scarf! It keeps you cosy, it makes a fashion statement, it jazzes up any outfit and, quite frankly, it simply cheers you up. When created from the most sumptuous, soft-as-butter, skin caressing 100% cashmere yarn the simple scarf is elevated to quite another dimension. Take, for example our striped cashmere scarf collection: Choose from various inspired colour palettes and different weights – our Cashmere 1-Ply and Cashmere 2-Ply Striped Scarf will work hard in your wardrobe, it’ll pull outfits together and add the finishing touches to any ensemble.

Our plain scarves come in a dizzying array of textures, shades and weights – from our classic knit Cashmere Cable Scarf and legendary Cashmere Ribbed Scarf to our minimalist Cashmere Plain Scarf. Then there are our textured, plain and geometrically patterned Fine Cashmere Scarves, hand woven in Nepal from the finest sourced cashmere yarn. Whichever of these floats your boat, fact remains, the humble scarf is indisputably your most versatile and comforting fashion friend. Wanting to stand out from the maddening crowd? Drape it, twist it, wrap it, simply let it hang loose over your shoulders or get carried away in the mind-boggling array of scarf knotting techniques – the Ascot knot, the Fake knot, the Parisian knot …. Whatever you do, have fun with these indispensable best friends!

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