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There are few pleasures as indulgent as slipping your feet into the pure sumptuousness of a pair of cashmere socks. This delight is even more pronounced when the weather turns chilly and the temperature drops … The thought of snuggling your feet into the cosiness of our 100% Pure Cashmere Socks or our nylon-enriched Women’s Cashmere Socks before getting your sturdy boots on is the stuff dreams are made of.

Is it wishful thinking that there should be a pair of cashmere socks for every occasion? No, it isn’t! Our all-encompassing range of cashmere socks literally caters for every eventuality. Our soft-as-butter Cashmere Cable Bed Socks and their cousins, our Cashmere Ribbed Bed Socks, will ensure you’ll never have cold feet in bed again whereas our Cashmere Legwarmers and Cashmere Tights take care of any daytime eventuality. Here’s a thought: why not try any of our bed socks with our fit-for-a-queen Cashmere Slippers for a double dose of cashmere deliciousness? Luxuriously decadent and made from the finest cashmere fibres, every humble little sock is worth its weight in gold, they are true investment pieces.

Did we mention they make the most covetable gifts too? Trouble is, you’d want to keep them all for yourself!

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