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Why not put your best foot forward in a cashmere slipper? Sumptuous and luxurious, there’s nothing utilitarian about these foot-hugging beauties. There is no compromise in their construction and design: made from the finest, supple 100% cashmere yarn with a sturdy 100% leather sole, they’re organic, durable and contemporary-looking. They’re fit for many occasions and eventualities - we’re thinking an early-morning cup of coffee on the balcony, a cup of tea in the garden or a lazy late-afternoon glass of wine on the verandah … but perhaps they’re most at home inside your home, as a super elegant piece of footwear to accompany an off-duty loungewear ensemble.

You may as well go the whole hog: add our Cashmere Ribbed Bed Socks, our Women’s Cashmere Joggers and our Cashmere Dressing Gown and voila, sorted! Evening and weekend laze-abouts will never be more glamorous! And should you be working from home, it’s a given that you won’t want to take these Cashmere Slippers off under any circumstances. Bring on the zoom calls – our feet will stay pampered and cosy. They’re the perfect travel accessory - stash them into your hand luggage and slip them on as soon as you’re up in the air on a long-haul flight. They’re brilliant gifts too – conveniently unisex and they come in a one-size fits all. But before giving them away, we suggest you keep some for yourself. Your feet will thank you!

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