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When you own something as precious as cashmere you’ll want to care for it in the best possible way. When nurtured, we guarantee you and your cashmere pieces will be in a long and happy relationship! A few simple housekeeping rules together with our miracle care products will award you many years of joy from your cashmere investment pieces. Ideally hand wash these very gently in cold or lukewarm water, squeeze a few drops of a tried-and-tested miracle product, our Cashmere Detergent, into the wash and be sure not to overwork the delicate fibres of your beloved pieces. Dry them flat on a towel, always away from direct sunlight. Being a natural product, cashmere is prone to a little pilling, but fret not!

Our ergonomic Cashmere Comb smooths out unwanted pilling and keeps your pieces as smooth and sleek as when you first laid eyes on them. The comb in its stylish bag is at the ready to accompany you and your cashmere friends on any adventure. Top tip: what an ingenious little gift is the Cashmere Comb for a friend with a wardrobe full of knitwear? Our 3-in-1 Wooden Clothes Brush Lint Remover & Shoe Horn is another clever little gadget that’ll make wardrobe maintenance a doddle: it’s a versatile, multi-purpose tool that’s a shoe horn, clothes brush and lint remover - a must for those of us who have pets. Care for your salubrious treasure and many years of cashmere longevity and joy will follow!

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