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Tank Tops

Craving a layer of soft, sumptuous cashmere but not necessarily wanting to wear a jumper? This is exactly where our Cashmere Slipover, made from quality 100% cashmere yarn, comes in super handy. Sleeveless and fashioned with a flattering V-neck, it invites you to put your own stamp on the ensemble. The obvious choice may be a crispy white cotton shirt, but for those daring to be different, why not wear it over your favourite long sleeve T-shirt, elevating your sportswear look to another dimension?

For an ultra-luxe, ultra-decadent, cashmere experience, you may opt to wear our Cashmere Slipover over a shirt, layered with our Cashmere Classic Cardigan and you may as well go all the way and nonchalantly throw on our Cashmere Cable Scarf too, for good measure. (There’s no such thing as too much cashmere!) Our Cashmere Slipovers come in heavenly shades ranging from baby blue to navy - the perfect pop of colour to brighten up an uninspiring outfit on any day. Weightless yet cosy, they’re the perfect garment for all-year-round layering. They’re ideal travel companions too - tuck your Cashmere Slipover away into your rucksack or briefcase and pull it out for the inevitable weather changes. Like pulling a rabbit from a hat!

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