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Never has lounging been this glamorous! Our Women’s Cashmere Joggers with their sleek, tapered silhouette and pockets have been meticulously designed with equal consideration to comfort and style. Whether they’re part of your daily yoga routine or accessorized with our Women’s Duffel Coat or Cashmere Shawl for a day out on the town, you’ll soon realize they’re your go-to piece of clothing for all occasions. In fact, we predict that they’ll be so indispensable that you’d want a few versions of this wardrobe staple in your arsenal!

As perfect for a long journey as they are for an elegant evening at home, these are the first item you’ll reach for every morning. This is a contemporary look that can effortlessly easily be dressed up or down, but we think the ultimate secret of the success of our Cashmere Women’s Trousers is their exceptional comfort-inducing and stress-reducing qualities. Whether you opt for the classic black or slate grey version they’ll soon be your best friend in your wardrobe. We predict they’ll pass the test of time with flying colours. Cost per wear? You work it out!

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