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Call us old-fashioned but a pair of slippers equals homely, comforting old-school cosiness. When that pair of slippers is made from luxurious 100 % cashmere yarn and anchored on a pair of 100% leather soles, the humble pair of slippers is elevated to another level. For a double dose of cashmere deliciousness we suggest you wear our Cashmere Slippers with a pair of our butter-soft Cashmere Socks – off-duty elegance has never been more luxurious! Worn with a classic smoking jacket our Cashmere Slippers are up for many eventualities – from cooking a meal for friends over the weekend to having a quiet evening curled up at the fireplace with a book. In fact, if you’re working from home you’re likely to be in a pair of slippers round-the-clock, not only after hours and at weekends.

Our Cashmere Slippers make for wonderful travel companions – sneak them away into your hand luggage and pull them out for super comfort on a long-haul flight. Another perk is that they conveniently come in a one-size-fits-all, which makes gifting for a mate infinitely easy. We’ve probably forgotten to mention the key benefit to wearing them: they’ll let you avoid a rude, freezing floor awakening and ensure you start your day not only on the right foot but in unbeatably elegant style, every day.

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