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What would the fashionable man-about-town be without his ultra-elegant piece of arm candy? An essential part of a distinguished gentleman’s wardrobe, canes are a decorative accessory that can also be used for light balance and support. Our collection ensures there’s something for every cane-loving gentleman - from our classical Crutch Cane with its hand hammered crutch handle and our Spiral Cane with its comfortable twisted design that sits wonderfully well in the palm of one’s hand, to our sturdy-grip chrome plated Basket Weave Handle Cane complete with black beech wood shaft.

Why not totally push the boat out? Consider our extraordinary statement canes: the handle of our Swarovski Handle Cane is literally encrusted with multiple shiny Swarovski crystals and if you want to be really flamboyant, we suggest you go for our masterfully designed Golden Swarovski Cane: glamorous and extravagant, its brass body is covered in glittering Swarovski crystals … this cane is not for the faint-hearted! If you prefer your walking companion’s handle to resemble a zoological sculpture, choose between our quirky Duck Cane, stately Eagle Cane and fearless Lion Cane. And if you, like so many contemporary designers and artists, are obsessed with skulls, our exquisite Skull Handle Cane will speak to you! Indisputably these are both collector’s items and future classics. Question is, which one is most ‘you’?

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