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Wouldn’t it by fabulous if every hat in the world was made of butter soft cashmere? Hats are the key to seamlessly finishing off an outfit. First and foremost they serve to lend a good dose of glamour to any winter look, but they work much harder than that … they also let us brave the weather by protecting our crowning glory and ears from the big chill.

A well-chosen hat is an accessory that effortlessly transforms its wearer into the perfect picture of cuteness and our 100% cashmere hat selection offers headgear that’ll literally make your head spin! Take, for example, our infinitely popular Cashmere Beanie Hat – it’s the ultimate, most versatile go-to headdress: grab it, pull it on and off you go! Or for that matter, our playful Cashmere Women’s Bobble Hat – it’s cute, it’s playful and is begging to be worn with our Cashmere Argyle Jumper, Women’s Duffel Coat and Cashmere Gloves. Bet you’re already picturing a snowball fight! Feeling a little French? Try our super chic Cashmere Beret that comes in the most striking of shades, throw on our Cashmere Cape With Pockets and voila! For those of us who prefer a more dramatic look, there’s Tam, our cheeky 100% wool Scottish tartan hat. Whichever one of these beauties tickles your fancy, go ahead, take your pick and bring a little drama into your life!

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