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Hot Water Bottles

A hot water bottle is synonymous with comforting warmth on the chilliest of days. Our Cashmere Hot Water Bottle is a soft and cuddly companion that gives us a reassuring sense of soothing heat when we need it most. Created from 100% cashmere in a stylish cable knit, the heat-retaining quality of the cashmere yarn that covers the bottle further enhances the effectiveness of this little warmth-radiating miracle.

When working from home with a Cashmere Hot Water Bottle firmly anchored on your lap, we bet you’ll get much more done on the computer! Be creative with your Cashmere Hot Water Bottle: sneak it underneath your bedcovers before you go to bed to cosy up your bed prior to bedtime, use it as an aide to ease muscular pain or as a hand-warmer on your lap in front of the TV.

Whatever you do with it, we guarantee it will add exponential quality to your life - day or night. Like a shared cup of tea on a bad day, the humble hot water bottle can work miracles to perk us up. Our Cashmere Hot Water Bottle comes in a range of delicious colours – choose your favourite shade from strawberries-and-cream pink, sky blue, slate grey and many more, to personalize your heated gem. You may even opt to give it a name – why not?

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